Basic Training on TB


Bangladesh is the 7th highest Tuberculosis (TB) burden countries in the world. SMC recognizes TB as one of the important components of its program activities. Under the USAID's Alliance for Combating TB in Bangladesh (ACTB), SMC is screening presumptive cases and developed a mechanism to follow-up referral cases for treatment compliance through engaging providers of its different networks. ACTB team of SMC organizes the basic training for the Star Network Providers in the intervention districts focusing on TB. The training sessions are conducted under the direct supervision of the concerned Sales Managers attended by the selected Star network providers. The module of the training includes basic information of TB, symptoms, how to refer, where to refer the presumptive TB cases etc. SMC conducted 45 batches basic training with 824 providers during the last quarter (July-September, 2022). Of them, 549 were Blue Star Providers, 141 were Green Star Providers and 134 were Gold Star Members.