ORS Factory, Bhaluka


SMC’s ORSaline-N is the market leader in the ORS category, currently enjoying a national market share of about 60 %. Being the pioneer in this product and with strong mass media support over the previous years, ORSaline–N has become generic to ORS in the country.

Establishment year: SMC ORS factory started operation in August 2004.

Location: Bhaluka, Mymensingh.

Area: 5.9 acres of land.

  >  Started 2nd shift in February 2005.
  >  Started 3rd shift in January 2007.  
  >  A state-of-the-art production facility (for capsule) has been developed for producing biological products in 2018.

  >  Initial capacity was 50 million sachets per shift.
  >  Capacity increased 210 million sachets in 2008.
  >  Present production capacity is 425 million sachets.

Lab facility: Factory has well equipped separate Quality Control Laboratory.