New automation towards increased efficiency

The pandemic is driving a shift in companies to use and apply technology, leveraging automation and digitalization of industries from this year’s economic turbulence. SMC and SMC EL were also operational utilizing the technology and web-based state-of-the-art software applications. As a part of the advancement, our MIS & IT department has recently introduced a few more automated systems in different business processes of the organizations.

The most notable one among these innovations has been the introduction of the automated Supply Chain Management System where the existing Decision Support System (DSS) has been customized towards a paperless process. This new version was also launched as a debut towards the introduction of high-tech system in SMC.

The department has also implemented new electronic Distribution Management System (e-DMS); another large-scale venture for the operation of our Distribution Sales (Secondary part of Consumer Sales). Around 400 Sales Representatives (SR) are utilizing it to generate Electronic Sales Orders through their official smart phones. A total of 273 Point of Service (POS) printers were distributed to the Distribution Houses across the country to print the delivery slips (invoices) against the effective orders. The e-DMS system has also been integrated with the existing web-based Sales (e-Sales) & Inventory system. Despite the challenge of proper communication with SRs, e-DMS orientation sessions were conducted on virtual platform successfully.

A decent digital archiving solution will help the company to preserve the valuable objects and will enable us to get easier access to necessary information. With this objective, our MIS & IT department has launched a Digital Archiving System for both the companies. It has secured long-term retention of valuable process assets of the organization in a tech-based environment where various historical data, creative files and company policies, forms and manuals, etc can be conserved conveniently.