Multiple Micronutrient Supplements (MMS)

One MMS a Day and a Healthy Baby is on the Way

SMC received an award from and accordingly signed an agreement with GAIN/CIFF to implement a five years project in Bangladesh to set up a sustainable business model with affordable and quality Multiple Micronutrient Supplements (MMS) to pregnant women in Bangladesh.

According to WHO, micronutrients are only needed in very small quantities but are essential for normal physiological function, growth, and development. Deficiencies of micronutrients such as vitamin A, iron, iodine, and folate are particularly common during pregnancy, due to increased nutrient requirements of the mother and developing fetus. These deficiencies can negatively impact the health of the mother, her pregnancy, as well as the health of the newborn baby. Micronutrient deficiency among pregnant women is a major risk factor for Low Birth Weight (LBW).

Robust evidence shows that the formulation of MMS containing 15 essential vitamins and minerals has resulted in a 12% reduction in LBW and an 8% reduction in Small Babies (Small for Gestational Age, SGA). The MMS is the United Nations International Multiple Micronutrient Antenatal Preparation (UNIMMAP) formula. The proposed project aims to set up a sustainable business model where affordable MMS of assured quality will be available in the market for pregnant women in the country.