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Our History

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News Updates

  • A Star stopped twinkling forever .._read more
  • SMC Niltara Clinic – a beacon of hope during adversity .._read more
  • Capacity Building of Blue Star Providers continues .._read more
  • SMC Germ Kill Hand Sanitizer aired in local media .._read more
  • One MMS a day and a Healthy Baby is on the way .._read more
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Our Programs

  • Blue Star Program (BSP)

    Blue Star Program (BSP)

  • Green Star Program (GSP)

    Green Star Program (GSP)

  • Pink Star Program (PSP)

    Pink Star Program (PSP)

  • Community Mobilization Program 'Notun Din'

    Community Mobilization Program 'Notun Din'

  • SMC Niltara Clinic

    SMC Niltara Clinic

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