Rose Star Program (RSP)

A Network of Paediatricians to offer Growth Monitoring and Promotion (GMP) services in private sector

The Rose Star program is an initiative towards improving nutritional status of the children under five through introducing Growth Monitoring and Promotion (GMP) services in private sector by engaging paediatricians.

Growth monitoring is the regular measurement of a child's growth (weight, height) in order to track their development. GMP is a process to follow the growth of a child compared with a standard by periodic measurements and ssessments. The main purpose of GMP is to assess growth of a child, identify deffeciency of nutrition at early stages and take necessary measures accordingly.

According to BDHS 2017, 31% of under 5 year children are stunted (short of their age), 8% are wasted (thin for their height), 22% are underweight and 2% are overweight (heavy for their height). About one third (35%) of children aged 6-23 months were fed a minimum acceptable diet. Micronutrient deficiency is a major contributor to the proper growth of children. Growth monitoring and promotion is one of the basic malnutrition preventive interventions for less than 5 years children.

Along with poverty and lack of nutritious balanced food, another critical factor influencing malnutrition is mothers did not have propper knowledge on child-rearing practice. Since the outlet of child specialist is the hub of getting children and mothers together, there is a scope to assess their growth and counsel mothers as well.

In light with this, SMC has developed strategy following national guideline of Institute of Public Health and Nutrition (IPHN) and started providing orientation and training to the Paediatricians and their Assistants on GMP. SMC has already trained 62 paediatricians and brought them under the Rose Star network.

To implement the Rose Star program SMC offers following support to the doctors-

  • Orientation and training on GMP (continuous technical support as required) to the pediatrician and their assistants
  • Provide service delivery materials (weight and height measuring scale, GMP card, client register)
  • Develop and distribute promotional materials (poster, banner, leaflet, brochure) among the network providers
    Iinstall a signboard for branding doctor's chamber as a centre to offer GMP and other nutrition related services
  • Collect monthly report from paediatricians and organize periodical performance review meeting with them to track and improve performance


SMC is expecting that active engagement of paediatricians in the Rose Star network will be instrumental to improve the nutrition status of the under five children of Bangladesh.