Tender NO Tender Name Tender Category Start Date End Date View/Download
TD-2-2021-0329 Sealed RFQ Containing "Technical Proposal" and "Financial Proposal" In 2 (Two) Separate Envelopes Enlisted Vendor 01-01-1970 28-09-2021
TD-2-2021-0328 Request for Quotation of Smart Phone Enlisted Vendor 01-01-1970 20-09-2021
TD-2-2021-0327 Request for Quotation of FullCare Detailing Card Enlisted Vendor 01-01-1970 20-09-2021
TD-2-2021-0325 Chiller Monitor display Enlisted Vendor 13-09-2021 19-09-2021
TD-2-2021-0324 Executive Chair Enlisted Vendor 13-09-2021 20-09-2021
TD-2-2021-0321 Furniture for MISHD & ACTB Enlisted Vendor 12-09-2021 20-09-2021