SMC History

A Brief on SMC and SMC Enterprise Ltd

SMC continues its successful journey while maintaining its important role as one of the major contributors to the Bangladesh national health and family planning program. Originating in 1974 as a USAID-funded Family Planning Social Marketing Project (FPSMP) to address the rapid population growth through engaging the private sector health service providers in the country; it was converted into a not-for-profit company in 1990 and run by a voluntary Board of Directors. After becoming fully sustainable in 2012 recovering more than 100% of its non-program related costs, in 2014, it formed a wholly-owned subsidiary company ‘SMC Enterprise Limited' (SMC EL), a for-profit company to separate the profitable activities from nonprofit to effectively manage a growing and complex operation of a for-profit entity. With its philosophy "Profit must primarily contribute to social betterment," SMC marched towards its mission and in 2017, the Pharmaceutical Division of SMC EL was launched with the key objective of "No one should suffer, especially the less-privileged due to lack of affordable quality medicine." Currently, it promotes 32 products in the market including antibiotic, anti-ulcerant, NSAIDs, anti-histamine, anti-asthmatic, anti-spasmodic and mineral supplements.

Contribution to the National Economy:

As per the Bangladesh Demographic and Health Survey (BDHS) 2017-18, SMC has notably contributed to increasing Contraceptive Prevalence Rate (CPR) at the national level by sharing 46% of pills, 58% of condoms, and 25% of injectables. It indicates a 36% contribution of the modern contraceptive methods used nationally. Since its inception, SMC operations have achieved 107 million couple-years of protection (CYPs), have averted 22 million unintended pregnancies, 2.2 million deaths of children under-5, and 213 million disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) as per PSI calculator.

According to the 2018 Contraceptive Social Marketing Statistics released by DKT International, USA, SMC was ranked as the second-largest contraceptive social marketing organization globally in terms of numbers of CYPs delivered.

In order to provide quality health care and diagnostic services at an affordable price to all segments of the population in the society; SMC is running a clinic since 2018 with a provision of a model Pharmacy in Dhaka. Having a market share of 61%, SMC's flagship brand ‘ORSaline-N' has been greatly contributing to reduce the child mortality rate due to diarrheal disease over the last three and a half decades. SMC also distributes Zinc as an adjunct therapy to treat the child diarrhea since 2008. SMC branded micronutrient powder (MNP) ‘MoniMix' helps to reduce the iron deficiency anemia of children aged 6-59 months.

Its most popular low-dose oral contraceptive pill ‘Femicon' brand topped the list in the OCP category with its highest number of users and it is the second highest used brand across the country. Femicon has won the heart of millions of women for its usage, comfort and effectiveness.

In the female hygiene market, SMC's ‘JOYA' sanitary napkin has created a wide appeal of acceptance among the low-income women and adolescents due to its quality and affordability.

SMC introduced deworming tablet 'Vermicid' in 2020 to improve the nutritional status of the children and family members across the country.

Arousing from a project to a thriving social business enterprise, SMC is considered as one of the largest partners of the Government of Bangladesh (GOB) for its contribution in the field of health and family planning sector. SMC and SMC EL are both gaining momentum to enrich its range of public health products as well as the consumer product portfolio upholding the quality standard and adding the value ‘live better' through continuous improvement.

Blue Star Program: A network of 8,000 private sector non-graduate providers;
Green Star Program: A network of more than 4,500 drug sellers;
Pink Star Program: A network of 375 active graduate providers mostly Obstetricians and Gynecologist;
Gold Star Members: 2,500 community level rural women entrepreneur promoting SMC products;
Promotes clinical & injectable contraceptives: Relax, i-plant, Soma-ject; 
Public Health products: MoniMix, Safety Kit, SMC Zinc, Vermicid, Easy Clean, Quick Test; SMC Niltara Clinic & Model Pharmacy: Provides quality health care and diagnostic services at affordable price, located at Mohammadpur, Dhaka


Contraceptives: Male: Raja, Hero, Panther, Sensation, U&Me, Xtreme, Amore;
Female (Oral Contraceptive Pills): Femicon, Femipil, Noret-28, Minicon, Norix, Norix-1, Ovacon Gold, Mypill
Food and Beverages: ORSaline-N, Taste Me, Bolt, SMC Purified Drinking Water;
Health and hygiene: Joya, Smile, Germ Kill Hand Sanitizer, Germ Kill Hand Wash;
Manufacturing: Largest ORS manufacturing facility, Bhaluka; Food Manufacturing Division, Bhaluka, Mymensingh; Health & Hygiene factory, Cumilla;
Warehouses: Central Warehouse, Bhaluka; Regional Warehouse, Bogura; Regional warehouse, Cumilla;


SMC achieved remarkable success in its nationwide behavioral change communication to increase awareness, knowledge, and improve health behaviors among the rural people. The ongoing program includes family planning, child health, nutrition, adolescent health, maternal health, hygiene and referral services on tuberculosis and clinical contraceptives.

With a view to serve the nation with extensive Programmatic activities, SMC is relentlessly engaging its endeavors and increasing its basket of public health products for the wellbeing of women, children and families. The entire operational process of SMC and SMC Enterprise Ltd are emerging in the pace of modern marketing and communication methods to serve the population with quality products and services offering at affordable prices and considering every convenience that symbolizes SMC as a house of trusted brands.