SMC Germ Kill Hand Sanitizer aired in local media

In the backdrop of high demand in the society for health and hygiene practice during the COVID-19 pandemic and sensing its urgency, SMC EL released a television commercial (TVC) to promote its newly launched Hand Sanitizer ‘Germ Kill’. The TVC aims to sensitize people about the importance of hand washing and maintaining hygiene for personal safety and protection in the wake of the outbreak of the pandemic. It also aims to emphasize on how Germ Kill instant hand sanitizer can help reducing the spread of germs causing Coronavirus and other contagious diseases. Considering higher reach and viewership during the festivals, the TVC was launched on the day of Holy Eid-ul-Fitr and aired on a number of leading local television channels. Along with the TVC, the brand was also promoted through News Section branding as “Corona Virus News Update” in two popular news channels. The TVC reached out to its target audience and achieved better brand positioning shortly after its introduction. Many retailers from various points of purchase requested for the item owing to its high demand. This was possible due to higher media exposure which popularized the new brand and created top of mind brand awareness amongst consumers.