SMC Niltara Clinic – a beacon of hope during adversity



Since its inception in April 2018, SMC Niltara Clinic is committed to provide quality health care and diagnostic services at a subsidized rate to all segments of population. As a part of its social commitment in the wake of COVID-19 outbreak, it is rendering medical services continuously to serve humanity and more importantly, to the underprivileged segment of the community.

Evidently, non-Covid patients suffered a lot being deprived of the medical services when a number of private hospitals, clinics and chambers partially or in some cases fully suspended their services. Considering this situation, the clinic not only confined to diagnostic, consultation and medical treatment but also covered X-Ray, USG and lab services. The clinic in particular rendered services to the pregnant mothers after taking extra precaution at every level by addressing the risk of COVID-19 infection.  

While carrying out its activities, the clinic strictly followed all health and hygiene related guidelines recommended by DGHS, GOB & WHO regarding COVID-19. SMC management took all possible preventive measures and provided Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for physicians and staff to protect them from the pandemic. 

Despite facing a host of challenges, a total of 1,063 general health services, 516 specialized services (Medicine), 465 maternal health, 559 Ultrasonogram, 368 X-Ray, 185 ECG and 773 lab services were provided by SMC Niltara Clinic as of August 2020 since the outbreak of pandemic. Moreover, the healthy environment and the quality of clinical service along with the dedicated physicians and staff, SMC Niltara Clinic earned immense trust and became the symbol of hope and confidence among the people of the locality.