E-commerce platform a new marketing approach for SMC EL

Sudden grip of COVID -19 took us all by surprise which is still causing the global havoc. Many businesses suffered during the on and off lockdown periods and many more still continue to suffer. While the risks are high during this period of isolation and uncertainty there are also some new opportunities that are growing exponentially with a radical behavioral change in the shopping pattern of consumers. We have seen a dramatic shift of consumers towards e-commerce. In view of the current consumer behavior and market trend, SMC EL has recently partnered with popular e-commerce platforms, namely: Chaladal, Daraz, Priyoshop, Ghorebazar, Othoba, Eorange, Shohoz, Amader Bazar BD, Shajgoj, Delivery Hobey, etc. to stay closer to its customers. As a part of its strategic move, a flagship online store has been secured on the e-commerce platform ‘Daraz’ to showcase SMC’s products more conveniently.. On the occasion of 6th anniversary of Daraz, a week-long consumer promotion campaign was also launched on the platform from August 30 to September 5, 2020. With such a major stride taken in terms of increasing its products reach to online shoppers, SMC’s overall competitiveness eventually is more secured in the market keeping its brand value at the top of mind of the consumers.