SMC Niltara Clinic

Most of the low and middle income population segment in Bangladesh have limited access and are unable to financially bear the cost of quality health care and diagnostic services. The objective of SMC Niltara Clinic is to provide quality health care services at a subsidized rate to all segments of population. The services will cover family planning, maternal and child health, non communicable diseases (hypertension, diabetes), STI/RTI, skin diseases, ENT and diagnostics. The program will earn profit from the diagnostic center and pharmacy for cross-subsidy to the poor and recover operational costs.

Key features of this clinic are as follows:

     > Essential quality health services for the target population at an affordable price by general physicians;

     > Provision of different specialized services by engaging different consultant doctors

     > Quality diagnostic lab facilities and services at competitive price; and

     > A model pharmacy operation to ensure quality medicine at affordable price.

The clinic is branded as SMC Niltara Clinic and started its operations in April 2018 as a pilot initiative to develop a model of sustainable clinic.

Address 30/1, Hazi Dil Mohammad Avenue, Block No # B, Dhaka Uddan, Mohammadpur-1207
Phone number Pharmacy: 01700703859, Clinic: 01700703860
Clinic hours 08.00am -10.00pm
Pharmacy hours 08.00am -11.00pm