i-plant ‘Implant’


SMC has been marketing Implant donated by USAID using SMC’s own brand name “i-plant” in Bangladesh since 2013. SMC’s over-branded product i-plant contains 2 soft and thin silicon rubber sticks; each Implant/Rod contains: 75mg Levonorgestrel (one variety of progesterone hormones). i-plant is effective and easy to insert. i-plant can be taken by women having no children. i-plant is a long acting family planning method which provides protection for 5 years. i-plant is positioned among women who want a convenient long-acting contraceptive method.

Brand Name



Two soft and thin silicon rubber sticks inserted under the skin of arm. Each implant contains 75mg of synthetic progestin, Levonorgestrel hormone.

Excipients: Polydimethyl siloxane, anhydrous colloidal silica.




The product consists of two rod Jadelle Implant to be inserted sub-dermal.

i-plant is one of the most effective contraceptive methods.

One set of rods provides contraceptive protection for up-to 5 years.

Fertility returns after removal.

Very simple administration required (5-10 minutes).

Can be used by newlyweds who want to delay pregnancy.

Can be safely used by lactating mothers.

Brand Slogan

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SMC i-plant is available with graduate medical practitioners (Pink Star)/network.