Health & Hygiene Factory


SMC Health & Hygiene Factory is the state-of-the-art ISO 9001:2015 certified and BSTI license accredited country leading manufacturer of high quality and affordable hygiene products located at Bauband, Cumilla. Addressing the peoples' essential hygiene needs this factory is using highly sophisticated machines with PLC based full servo control facility to ensure quality of the products. This factory started its production from April 2017 and has a state-of-the-art production facility acquiring a land of 239.744 decimal (9702.10 square meter). Currently the factory is producing -

1. Sanitary Napkin:
    Joya Belt Type Sanitary Napkin
    Joya Wings Type Sanitary Napkin

     • Wings Regular
     • Ultra Comfort
     • Extra Heavy Flow
     • All Night

2. Baby Diaper
     • Smile Baby Diaper Belt Type
     • Smile Baby Diaper Pant Type

3. Wipes
     • Smile Baby Wipes
     • Smile Wet Wipes

Manufacturing Capacity and Infrastructural Development:

Factory Started production with two fully servo control PLC sanitary napkin and one Baby Diaper machine. As the sales demand increasing to meet the business goal, company has invested significant amount to develop the manufacturing capacity and infrastructures in 2021. At present, five high-capacity fully servo controls PLC sanitary napkin machines and two Baby Diaper machines are in use for production.

The Factory has dedicated team of highly skilled manpower at its manufacturing process to produce highest level of quality products.

To ensure the product quality a well equipped microbiology and QC lab has been established which strictly maintain the BSTI standard BDS 1261:2019.

The entire factory is covered by modern fire detection and hydrant system with Diesel and Electric fire pump of 750 GPM to ensure safety of the employees and the machineries. Every year, two mock drills are conducted in the factory premises to grow awareness among employees.

The factory is equipped with 45,000 square feet well facilitated Warehouse for storage of Raw and packaging material and finished goods. One Reach Truck and three Forklift including one clamp type Forklift are being used for the warehouse operation.