Organo gram


1975: Raja condom and Maya pill launched through private sector outlets at heavily subsidized prices. Commodities donated by USAID.

1985: Branded ORS, “ORSaline” introduced through contract manufacturing

1990: Incorporated as a private not for profit company under the Companies Act of 1913 with a volunteer Board of Directors

1995: Launched STD/HIV/AIDS prevention program with USAID funding

1997: Became a direct recipient of USAID funds under the National Integrated Population and Health Program with the departure of PSI

1998: Initiated the SMC Blue Star, the largest private sector network of branded providers to market contraceptive injectables

2000: “SMC Tower”, building inaugurated

2004: ORS manufacturing facility started production

2007: Launched Monimix micronutrient powder to address iron deficiency anemia among children

2008: Launched Safe Delivery Kit to minimize risk of infection during home deliveries

2008: Launched social marketing of dispersible ZINC tablets

2008: Inaugurated the SMC Central Warehouse

2012: SMC recovered more than 100% of its non-program related costs from sales revenues, making SMC financially fully sustainable from its own resource.

2012: Awarded USAID funded Marketing Innovation for Health project

2013: IUD and Implant launched through private sector.

2013: Launched Emergency Contraceptive Pill

2013: Partnered with Pathfinder in the NGO Health Service Delivery project

2013: Launched low-priced and scented Sanitary Napkin brand