Tele-Jiggasha, the telephone counseling service provided by SMC, plays a vital role in supporting the broader population by offering access to accurate information and personal counseling. The helpline number, 16387, is available for individuals to seek counseling services on family planning, child health, nutrition, maternal health, tuberculosis, and various other public health issues, all without incurring any call charges.

The Tele-Jiggasha team not only provides counseling services but also conducts surveys to gather opinions from consumers and providers. These surveys cover programmatic insights, knowledge levels on products/services, network performance, and stock status at the provider level. Moreover, the team engages in follow-up activities with pregnant women, assessing their physical condition and providing counsel on potential danger signs, nutrition, and recommending Multiple Micronutrient Supplementation for a duration of six months as needed.

Additionally, the team utilizes mobile SMS communication to promote health awareness among customers and disseminate essential technical information to the providers within SMC's Star networks. Currently, the Tele-Jiggasha team comprises seven female and two male counselors.