SMC Research Studies in 2016


Study Name



Assessing quality assurance of services offered by Blue Star and Long Acting Reversible Contraceptive providers


The purpose of the study is to assess quality of BS and LARC outlets in terms of its physical environment, available logistics, equipment, BCC materials, counseling guideline, safety measures and record keeping system.


Availability and Market Size Estimation Study of SMC Products


The purpose of the study is to provide regular estimates of market penetration, market share and market size, across a range of product categories.


Assessing the Strengths, Weaknesses and Opportunities of “Notun Din Community Agent Model”

The purpose of the study is to assess the strength, weakness and opportunity of Notun Din” CSA Model and to understand how community sales agents are performing and what changes and opportunities need to be addressed to create a sustainable CSA program.



Assessing the Potentiality of SOMA-JECT Sales and Follow-up Dose Administration through PCHP

The prime objective of this study is to determine the current and future market potential though PCHP and to test the acceptability of SOMA-JECT among the current users of injectables through selected PCHPs.