SMC Research Studies in 2013


Study Name



Taste Tasting of Electrolyte drink

The overall objective of the study was to determine the preference of taste, flavor, and overall likeability between two alternative electrolyte drinks, one is prepared by SMC and another one is widely used electrolyte drink in Bangladesh.



Customer satisfaction on Condom Sample

The purpose of this study was to identify the satisfaction level of the consumers about Raja and what attributes are usually preferred by them.



KAPP study among MWRA, eligible men, and health providers from specific districts where CPR is relatively low


The main purpose of the study was to explore information regarding knowledge and misconceptions of all modern contraceptive methods except pill, condom and permanent methods.



Pre-testing contents of audio drama based on communication messages

The main purpose/objective of the study was to test the contents of two drama scripts (HTSP and 1000 Days) in terms of information, understanding languages and theme of drama.



Feasibilities study on  Bottled Mineral Water

The main purpose of the study was to know the current market situation of bottled mineral water and its estimated market size.