SMC Clinic

With an approval of SMC Board, SMC established SMC Clinic at SMC Tower-2, Darussalam, Mirpur, Dhaka, to serve expanded medical services upon positive experience of SMC Niltara Clinic operation at Dhaka Uddan, Mohammadpur which was started in July 2018 with due approval of SMC Board.

The SMC Clinic aimed to provide quality healthcare services at affordable prices for all economic segment of the population. It will ensure greater access to specialists' consultation, quality diagnostic services and quality medicines, all at reasonable prices. The program would earn profit from diagnostic center and pharmacy to use it for cross subsidy to the clinic for ensuring services for low income population.

Key features of the ‘SMC Clinic':

  • Offer essential health service by general practitioners.
  • Provision of part time consultants for specialized services e.g. Gynecology, Medicine, Pediatric, Endocrinology, Skin & VD, Cardiology etc.
  • Fully automated diagnostic & imaging facilities (X-Ray, USG, ECG) at affordable price.
  • Model pharmacy operation for quality medicine at affordable price.
  • Provision of Emergency Obstetric Care (EmoC) facilities in future.
  • A high quality MIS & IT system for clinic and pharmacy management (automated prescription, client data base and financial & clinic management).
  • Offer quality services at affordable price.

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59/C Darus Salam, Mirpur Road, Dhaka-1216
Phone number Clinic: 01770799105; Pharmacy: 01770799106;
Clinic hours 08.00am -10.00pm
Pharmacy hours 08.00am -11.00pm