SMC Research Studies in 2023


Study Name



Availability Study of SMC and its Competitor Products, among the Network Providers

The main objective of the survey was to understand the product availability and penetration status of SMC and its competitor products to the Blue Star, Green Star outlets & Gold Star members. The survey also gathered service related information of SMC’s network providers.


Blue Star Program Review

The prime objective of the study was to assess the Blue Star program of SMC. The study assessed the quality of outlets in terms of its physical environment, available logistics, equipment, BCC materials, counseling guideline, safety measures and record keeping system.


Evaluation of critical program indicators of MISHD and SMC Program

The main purpose of the study was to monitor and evaluate progress in changing knowledge, attitude and behaviors of Married Women of Reproductive Age (MWRA) on critical program indicators as well as to measure the exposure of target audiences on community mobilization activities.


Assess the effectiveness of Maa Shomabesh

The prime objective of this study was to assess the change in knowledge, attitude and practice of the mothers of children, occurred due to Maa Shomabesh.