Research Papers

SMC is one of the pioneers of social and market research in Bangladesh. Every year, SMC sponsors and conducts a number of research studies to gather empirical data, necessary information and insights in developing and evaluating its various projects and social marketing efforts. Following are some of the major studies that SMC conducted over the years:

Behavior Change Communication (BCC)
Report on Knowledge, Attitude, Practice (KAP) Study Among MWRA, Eligible Men and Health Provider: 2013 Download
Evaluation of Sukh Pakhi Program: 2012 Download
Evaluation of Health Providers Training Program (HPTP): 2009 Download
SMC's Disease Prevention Marketing Campaign Download
Study on Mobile Film Program (MFP): 2007 Download
Utilizing Technical Assistance to Assess Capacity of Private Health Providers to TB Services: 2009 Download
The Impact of Female Condom Introduction Amongst Sex Workers in Bangladesh - Findings Report: 2001 Download
Study on Female Condom: 1997 Download
Use of Contraceptive Among the Poor Couples in Bangladesh: 2008 Download 
Diarrhoea, ORS or ORT
Study on Brand, Awareness, Trial and Usage (BATU) of ORSaline: 2008 Download
KAPP Study on Diarrhoea Management & Treatment Among Under 5 Children and Others in Bangladesh: 2008   Download 
Study on Flavored ORSaline: 2003 Download 
Rice Based ORS Taste & Flavor Preference Study: 2001 Download
Behavioral Change of Pharmacists Towards ORT: 1992 Download 
Health, Nutrition and Hygiene
Assessing the Capacity of private Practitioners to Deliver Public Health Priority Services: 2007 Download 
Focus Group Discussion on KAPP Study on Drinking Water and Warer Purifying Tablets: 2010 Download 
KAPP study on At-Home Fortification of Complementary Food among  Under Five Children in BD: 2008 Download
Market Survey on Sanitary Napkin: 1997 Download
Report on Acceptability and Adherence Test of Zinc Tablet in Young Children: 2006 Download
Report on Post Launch Study on Micronutrient Powder MoniMix: 2009 Download
Report on Pre-Launch Market Survey of Micronutrient Drinks: 2005 Download
Report on Pre-Launch Study on Water Purifying Tablets: 2010 Download
Study on Health & Hygiene Practice Among School Going Children in Bangladesh: 2008 Download
A Research Study of SMC's HIV AIDS Prevention Positioning Strategy: 2001 Download
KAPP Study among Retailers in the Designated HIV AIDS High Risk Areas in Bangladesh: 2002 Download
KAPP Study on HIV AIDS Transmission and Prevention Among the Adolescents & Youth in the Shurockkha Intervention Area: 2006 Download
Knowledge, Attitude and Opinions Among Key Influential Bangladesh to Guide HIV AIDS Advocacy Strategy: 2006 Download
Mapping Major HIV AIDS Harm Reduction Activities in Bangladesh- District Map: 2000 Download
Report on Impact Study of HIV-AIDS Prevention Campaign among the Target Audience in the High-Risk Areas: 2005 Download
Report on knowledge on AIDS Transmission & Prevention Among the Adolescents and Youths: 2002 Download
Study on Knowledge on AIDS Transmission and Prevention Among the Adolescents and Youths Download
Injectable, IUD & Implant
Evaluation of the Blue Star Program: 2010 Download
Identifying the Barriers to Injectable Use Among Higher Income Segment: 2004 Download
Injectable Tracking Survey: 1999 Download
Report on Study on Market Analysis of Social Franchising; SMC's Blue Star Network in Bangladesh: 2006 Download
Test Marketing of Injectable Contraceptive Through Non Graduate Medical Practitioners: 2001 Download
Oral Contraceptive Pill
Consumer's Satisfaction Study on Oral Contraceptive Pill (OCP): 2009 Download
KAP Study on OCP Among MWRA: 2007 Download
Minicon Oral Contraceptive Pill Post Launch Survey: 2000 Download
Report on Brand, Awareness, Trial and Usage (BATU) Study on Oral Cntraceptive Pill (OCP): 2008 Download
Penetration & BATU of SMC Products
Availability and Market Penetration Study  of SMC Products: 2007 Download
Availability of SMC Products: 2009 Download
Availability Study of SMC Products: 2012 Download 
Main Report on Pharmacy and  Non-Pharmacy on Market Penetration Study: 2000 Download
Study of Consumer Audit of BATU of SMC Products: 1995 Download
Price Elasticity Study
Price Elasticity Study for SMC Products: 2012 Download 
SPO Performance Study
Qualitative Assessment of SPO Performance: 2002 Download