Private Community Health Providers (PCHP) Training Program

The PCHP Training Program is targeted at NGMPs who are mainly drug sellers. The curriculum provides a holistic approach to the case management. Providers are trained to carry out a line of questioning that helps to identify the client’s problems and needs so that referrals can be made to nearby SMC Blue Star or LAM network providers, and other service delivery points such as the Smiling Sun Clinics or GoB clinics as appropriate. Providers are also trained on the misuse of drugs such as the prescription of incomplete doses of antibiotics that may be leading to resistance, the management of side effects associated with use of contraceptives, or other products, and follow-up care. Under the MIH, training of health providers are being carried out in the 19 priority districts. They include both Basic and Refreshers training. Drug sellers and non graduate medical practitioners are expected to be trained under the program.