Pharmaceuticals Industry

Manufacturing Operations in Pharmaceuticals

SMC's ORSaline-N is the market leader in Bangladesh due to its strong brand image irrespective of all classes or segments of people and community. From the very beginning and till now SMC have been playing anchoring role in the entire evolution of glorious journey to the creation of unparalleled brand loyalty among the end users. Currently ORSaline-N enjoys almost 60% Market share of the country and has been an excellent generic as ORS to all the people due to maintaining and sustaining consistent product quality and efficacy.

SMC's ORS Manufacturing facility in Bhaluka, Mymensingh is ISO 9001:2015 certified and GMP compliant. The state of the art facility operates round the clock to meet the growing demand and to achieve higher revenue targets. Present capacity of production is 1230 million Sachets utilizing full production capacity.

Glimpses of journey of Production:

 Start of Commercial Production of ORSaline-N in August 2004
 Start of two shifts operation of ORSaline-N in February 2005
 Start of three shifts operation of ORSaline-N in January 2007
 A state-of-the-art production facility has been developed for producing general capsule products (in powder & pellets form) in 2018 and production started at the Bhaluka Factory from November, 2019. At present we are producing seven (07) capsule products and yearly production capacity is 50.00 Million in the single shift.
 Obtaining Biological license from DGDA in 2019 which is the breakthrough in the history of SMC EL
 Start of commercial operation of MoniMix (Micronutrients powder) in December 2019. At present yearly production capacity of the MoniMix is 25.00 Million in the single shift.

Manufacturing Capacity and Infrastructural Development

As a part of its ongoing effort to increase the capacity building in line with its business strategy, the company has invested significantly in the infrastructural development. The major development activities performed are stated below:

• The journey of Production started in ORS with three (3) lines production machines. Later extensive expansion from the point view of infrastructure, utilities and machineries was done to increase capacity of production. At present production capacity from own plant is 1230 million which bears the testimony of continual development of extraordinary and brilliant team success.

• Production is running with the active support from twelve (12) numbers of high speed filling sealing machine of European origin. Entire supervision and monitoring of activities in different units of factory is conducted by adequate number of qualified personnel from reputed Universities of Bangladesh.
• Commencement of production of Pharmaceutical products through Toll Manufacturing from Julphar Bangladesh Ltd (Present name is Jenphar Bangladesh Ltd) in 2016 to support Pharma Sales and Marketing.

• The Pharmaceutical Factory is equipped with state-of- the- art QA, QC and Microbiology department for ensuring product quality complying regulatory requirements, aligning GMP guidelines & Pharmacopoeia standards.

• Recently a modern and well equipped new Microbiology Laboratory having state of the art facilities was built to enhance the coverage of microbial tests for ensuring product quality in a comprehensive scale.

• Developed state of the art Product Development (PD) unit in 2018.

• There are dedicated and trained qualified personnel in PD who are persistently deploying themselves in developing quality products from the perspective of customer satisfaction, competitive pricing and with regard to market demand with the resultant efforts of innovations. We launched also sterile products from our company through Toll Manufacturing.

• Developed 52 new products including Sterile Products, Antibiotics, Anti-tuberculosis drug & Vitamin A to Z tablet, Powder for Suspension, Liquid Suspensions and Pediatric Drop etc. from the inception of the journey of Product Development in the Pharmaceutical Factory of Bhaluka.

• We have dedicated store for Pharmaceutical raw, packaging materials & finished products, Cold storage facility (2-8) °C is available for temperature sensitive materials.