Introduction of Nutritional Product: SMC Biscuits

SMC has been working with the mission of improving people's lives in the field of family planning, women & child health and nutrition since the post-liberation period. For the past 49 years, SMC has been marketing various high-quality innovative products including lifesaving oral saline different types of contraceptive methods, Joya Sanitary Napkin for women's menstrual health & hygiene, Fortified Powder Drink Taste Me, Glucose Powder Drink Bolt and Country's First Electrolyte Drink SMC Plus. In continuation of that, SMC Enterprise Limited introduced the first ever micronutrient fortified and tasty ‘SMC Biscuits' in Bangladesh. In addition to delicious taste, SMC Biscuits contain 7 vitamins and minerals (Vitamin A, C, D, E, Folic Acid, Calcium, Zinc) which will provide a tasty experience with health benefits to all the members of the family. As there are no artificial colors and preservatives in SMC Biscuits, it is a healthy solution for people of all age groups. Currently, there are no such biscuits in the market that offer the unique combination of tasty and healthy, so SMC Biscuits will add a new dimension in the biscuit category. The product launch was officially announced in a grand ceremony held at SMC Tower, Dhaka on 19th July 2023. In this event, Honorable Board of Directors of SMC Enterprise Limited, MD & CEO of SMC, DMD-Operations, DMD-Commercial, GM-Marketing, GM-Sales of SMC EL and other High Officials from both SMC and SMC EL were present.