SMC supports Khulna Shishu Hospital to set up a pharmacy

Khulna Shishu Hospital is a not-for-profit private-sector initiative. The hospital provides 24-hour outdoor treatment service to 500-600 children and indoor service to 200-260 children each day and is playing a significant role in curing sick children and reducing child-mortality in that region by ensuring quality treatment at affordable cost. However, the hospital does not have a pharmacy of its own, which causes suffering to the care giver of the hospital. On the request of the hospital management committee, the SMC Board of Directors recently approved a one time donation of Tk. 450,000 for setting up a pharmacy and purchasing drugs and Tk. 150,000 for decoration of the pharmacy at or close to the premises of the hospital. SMC believes that this noble support will go a long way in improving the health and well-being of children in the Khulna area consistent with our Mission.