SMC Fruity

In Bangladesh, the demand for oral saline is growing faster due to prolonged summer. Excessive sweating is one of the major reasons for dehydration. Most of the oral solutions available in the market are either healthy or tasty. The "SMC Fruity"- orange flavored oral saline is an instant tasty and healthy solution for any dehydration caused by excessive sweating. With refreshing fruit flavor, it helps to recover the lost fluid from the body. A single sachet of SMC Fruity contains 10gm powder which needs to be mixed and dissolved properly in 500 ml pure drinking water to prepare.

SMC has been marketing various consumer products in the domestic market for the last 48 years and attained a widespread trust of Bangladeshi consumers in return. With SMC Fruity in its portfolio, SMC aims to deliver healthy and tasty food and beverages to the consumers.