Safety Kit (Safe Delivery Kit)


Safe Delivery Kit – Safety Kit contains essential items needed for safe child birth at home. The purpose of SMC Safety Kit to ensure clean delivery at household level and thereby reduce maternal and child mortality rates in Bangladesh.


Each packet of Safety Kit contains medicated soap, surgical blade, cotton roll, thread, umbilical cord clamp, plastic sheet and hand gloves.

Benefits of SDK:

  • SDK is safe and sterile
  • It is a lifesaving tool during assisted child birth at home
  • It is effective for infection free delivery
  • SDK reduces the risk of maternal and neonatal deaths during delivery

Brand Slogan:

সেফটি কিটের ব্যবহার মা ও শিশুর অধিকার


SMC Safety Kit is available in pharma-outlets including non-graduate Blue Star providers (BSP), Green Star Providers (GSP) and Community Sales Agents (CSA).