SKINS- Ultimate Luxury Condom, one of the fastest growing premium condom brands from the United Kingdom. SKINS condoms are available in 7 innovative and exciting features and flavors in very unique & attractive packaging.

SKINS condom is a revolutionary clear condom that gives natural and intense pleasure just like the real thing. That's why they're called SKINS. It aims to mimic the feeling of skin-to-skin contact as closely as possible. From its inception in 2006, It has been becoming an immensely popular choice all around the world when it comes to having fun between the sheets.

Each electronically tested Skins condom is made from the best and premium quality latex and premium silicone lubricant that make Skins really comfortable, pleasurable and reduces friction to prevent splitting. SKINS condoms come in various exciting features like Ultra Thin, Dots & Ribs and flavors like Bubblegum, Chocolate, Mint, Strawberry and Banana SKINS believe that romance is a fundamental part of physical and emotional wellbeing for a married couple. Hence, Skins condoms play an integral part in this message, not just by offering highly effective protection, but also helping the wearer to look and feel their best. 

When used correctly, SKINS condoms greatly reduce the risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

Being a pioneer in the field of contraception, SMC is continuously innovating and catering to the needs of all socio-economic classes. SKINS will reshape and reinvent the premium condom segment, which is growing very fast. This launch will help SMC explore a new horizon of customers and premium distribution channels paving the way for much more innovative products in future.

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