SMC joins USAID’s MSNP journey

SMC has launched a component of USAID’s Strengthening Multisectoral Nutrition Programming (MSNP) project through Implementation Science Activity on October 24, 2018. The project is funded by USAID, led by FHI 360 partnering with Care Bangladesh, AIRN, PHD, SMC and LifeChord. The project will apply a mixed methods research approach to assess the effect of different nutrition interventions by the Government of Bangladesh, NGOs, and the private sector to enhance nutritional status of children under two years in Bangladesh. 

In this context, SMC organized a day-long orientation program with the MSNP project staff to share activities of SMC along with MSNP program activities. Core program staff of SMC also attended the session. FHI 360 has provided technical support for conducting the orientation program. Mr. Toslim Uddin Khan, Chief of Program Operations (CPO) of SMC advised the key officials of SMC to assist MSNP staff for implementing the proposed MSNP activities smoothly.