SMILE - The Most Ideal Baby Diaper

SMC introduced the most ideal baby diaper 'SMILE.' SMILE Baby Diaper ensures maximum comfort and highest absorption that keeps the baby happy and playful, which is the best gift for any parent. It is produced in SMC's own state-of-the-art Health and Hygiene Factory and available in two types-

1. Belt-type Diaper
2. Pant-type Diaper

Smile baby diaper offers the following benefits:

• 12 hours protection: 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep
• Ultra-comfort: Perfectly fitting ultra-soft sheets for maximum comfort
• Wetness mark: Changes from yellow to green when wet
• Super gel technology: Fastest and maximum absorption for germ-free skin
• No leakage: Leg cuffs and high absorption prevents any leakage
• Flexibility: Flexible ears and Super flexible waistband

Available SKU's of Belt Type Diaper

SMILEBaby Diaper is available in Mini and Standard pack series with a size range from Small to Extra Large for thebabiesfrom 0 to 4 years of age. 

  Size Piece Weight
    SMILE Belt Diaper Mini Series S 5 pcs 3-6 KG
M 5 pcs 4-9 KG
L 4 pcs 8-14 KG
XL 4 pcs 11-18 KG
  SMILE Belt Diaper Standard series S 28 pcs 3-6 KG
M 26 pcs 4-9 KG
L 24 pcs 8-14 KG
XL 22 pcs 11-18 KG
 Available SKU's of Pant Type Diaper


Size Piece Weight
    SMILE Pant Diaper Mini Series S 5 pcs 4-8 KG
M 5 pcs 7-8 KG
L 5 pcs 9-14 KG
XL 4 pcs 12-17 KG
XXL 4 pcs 16-25 KG
  SMILE Pant Diaper Standard series S 42 pcs 4-8 KG
M 40 pcs 7-8 KG
L 34 pcs 9-14 KG
XL 32 pcs 12-17 KG
XXL 24 pcs 16-25 KG