Super Kid


In Bangladesh, more than half of the population suffers from malnutrition, mostly children. There are round 4.75 million children below the age of five. Among them, 1 out of 3 children suffers from malnutrition and 45% of the children are deprived from nutritious foods. Children generally eat chips, chocolate and other junk foods which are generally perceived unhealthy. Parents always look for a solution to this. To address this problem, SMC EL launched "Super Kid" in April 2021.

"Super Kid" is a lentil based ready to eat creamy confectionery which is fortified with 24 vital vitamins and minerals that growing children need. This innovative tasty and healthy snack is a safe, convenient and delicious alternative to add-water cereals, unhealthy snacks, chocolates and junk foods.

  • A Fortified Confectionery which is Tasty and Healthy
  • Fortified with 24 vital vitamins & minerals to help kids grow stronger and more intelligent
  • It's available in two Flavors: ‘Dudh Malai' and ‘Badam Chocolate'
  • Excellent source of energy to satisfy hunger and affordable source of micronutrients to boost immunity
  • Only one sachet provides up to 27% (of RDI) of the necessary vitamins and minerals
  • Formulated in USA
  • The product can be consumed in multiple ways (e.g. In breakfast, spread on bread and toast and eat)

Main Ingredients:

Sugar, Vegetable oil (Refined Palm Oil), Skim milk powder, Vegetable fat, Puffed Rice, Cocoa powder, Lentil, Protein Powder (ISP), Whey Powder, Vitamin & mineral premix, Emulsifiers (E 322 & E 476) & Permitted food grade flavor