Vermicid – A new public health product of SMC

SMC has recently added a new product called Vermicid (Albendazole 400 mg) in its portfolio targeting all the family members including children above two years of age to treat soil-transmitted helminth infection. This infection is caused by a group of parasites commonly known as intestinal worms responsible for stunted growth, slowed intellectual development, attention deficit and learning disabilities of children and so on. An in-house launching ceremony of the product took place on March 3, 2020 in presence of Managing Director & CEO of SMC, Mr. Md. Ali Reza Khan; Managing Director of SMC EL, Mr. Abdul Haque and other senior officials of both the companies. Vermicid is a deworming chewable tablet with mango and orange flavor and is currently available at all pharma outlets around Bangladesh including Blue Star and Green Star outlets under SMC’s health networks. It is expected that that the tablet will contribute significantly to the national public health deworming program in the country.