SMC Research Studies in 2021

Sl. Study Name Objective
1 Assessing Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (KAP) of Blue Star, Green Star and Pink Star Providers of SMC
The purpose of the study was to assess the Knowledge, Attitude and Practices (KAP) of the providers on family planning methods, reproductive and maternal health, child health, diarrhea and micronutrients along with other public health priority areas, to identify the gaps/misconceptions among the service providers so that program team can address those issues to make the programs more effective and assess impact of SMC membership on provider's business.
2 Understanding the Willingness of the BSPs to be Involved in
the Tele-Medicine Services, Contribute Costs to Become a
Recognized Network Member and Receive Training on
Business Support
The prime objective of this study was to understand the willingnessof BSPs to be a part of the telemedicine services and also know whether the current and potential BSPs willingness to contribute costs to become a recognized member. The study also assessed the willingness of the BSPs to receive training on business support (costing, pricing, accounting, procurement, stock management, customer services, etc.)
3 Evaluation of Community Mobilization Activities of SMC Program on Critical Program Indicators
The main purpose of the study was to monitor and evaluate progress in changing knowledge, attitude, and behaviors of married women of reproductive age and caregivers of <5 five years children on critical program indicators as well as to measure the exposure of target audiences on community mobilization activities.
4 Availability Study of SMC and Its Competitor Products
The product availability and market penetration study is a tracking research for SMC to see the product availability and penetration status of SMC as well as the competitors' products, which help Marketing, Sales and Program teams to find out the areas of improvement to intensify the sales coverage and product distribution.