Injectable Contraceptives

Injectable contraceptive is for women and it can can protect couples from pregnancy for upto three months. It is a progestin-based (DMPA) short term reversible contraceptive known as Depo-Provera. It is widely available in Bangladesh both from the public and the private sector.

Contraceptive Injections (DMPA) has many advantages. Being a progestin only method, it can be safely used by lactating mothers and also by estrogen contra indicated women. It can be used immediately after delivery and within seven days after miscarriage or abortion. The injection prevents the risk of developing uterine tumors. It is reversible and protects pregnancy for up to three months.

SOMA-JECT is an SMC brand injectable contraceptive. It is Depo Medroxy Progesterone Acetate (DMPA) and it contains 150 mg progesterone in a 1 ml vial. It is administered through intramuscular route. It is 99.7% effective if taken properly (right dose and right schedule).

It is available at trained providers under SMC Blue Star Program. One can find their private chamber by looking at the branded Blue Star signboard in front of their shop

> Eligible couples (15-49 years) who have one living child

> Do not want any more children

> Do not want another child currently.

> Women contra-indicated for Estrogen hormone  

> Lactating mother – after 6 weeks of delivery

> Non lactating mother – Immediately after delivery 

> Within five days from the onset of menstrual bleeding

> If the injectables are administered at any other time, pregnancy must be reliably excluded before; and an additional non-hormonal contraceptive method used for at least seven days after the insertion

> Immediately after complete abortion and MR

> In postpartum period; after 6 weeks for lactating mothers

> In immediate postpartum period if mother is not lactating

> Can be used anytime within effective use of other contraceptives

Injectable contraceptives are to be taken in three months interval. It can also be given in special situation within 28 days following due dose and within 14 days before due dose (Window period).

1. An injectable contraceptive user should have to maintain 3 months interval dose schedule

2. If missed, take subsequent dose as early as possible within 28 days of due dose

3. If missed, for more than 28 days, wait for menstruation OR do pregnancy test. By this time use temporary method like Condom.

4. If menstruation starts OR pregnancy test becomes negative, take subsequent dose immediately.