Baby Diaper & Baby Wipes

Smile baby diapers are made from ingredients that are thoroughly tested and proven to be safe. The ingredients we use are common in most diapers and are used safely by millions of babies around the world every day.

Unfortunately, diaper rash is quite common. More than half of babies between the ages of 4 months and 15 months develop diaper rash, and nearly all babies will get at least one diaper rash before they are potty trained. Changing the diaper promptly after it becomes wet or soiled is the best way to prevent diaper rash.

Because babies come in all different shapes and sizes, diapers fit babies differently. Our diaper system was designed to achieve the highest level of leak protection. We measure thousands of babies' legs, bottoms, and waists to try to get a good fit that helps contain leaks. Sometimes leaks happen because the leg cuff or waist is a bit folded. Running your finger around the waist band and cuffs sometimes helps to ensure a better fit. Another reason for leaks is if there isn't enough absorbent material for baby’s urine output. If your baby is close to the upper end of the weight range of the diaper you are currently using, you may want to try the next size up diaper as there is more absorbent material in the larger diapers.

Newborns: Newborn babies require changing often, especially if they are breastfed. Our recommendation is every 3-4 hours during the day. 

Older Babies: As babies get older, they gain in bladder control. They tend to wet less often, in higher volume. We recommend that you change your baby's diaper every 6-8 hours.

However, Smile baby diaper can give a complete protection for 12 hours which will give the baby a good night’s sleep.

The size diaper you need is determined by the weight of your baby

Small:  3-6 kg

Medium: 4-9 kg

Large: 8-14 kg

XL: 11-18 kg

Healthy baby skin has a natural pH balance, but dirt can increase the pH, which makes babies skin more vulnerable and can cause rash and irritation. "Smile Baby Wipe" has a perfectly balanced pH level and is enriched with aloe vera. Regularly cleaning the skin with Smile Baby Wipes can remove these irritants and help restore the skin's natural, healthy pH balance.

Rub the wipes gently from front to back, particularly when changing the diaper. Be careful so that the poo doesn't spread anywhere.

Any imbalance in the skin's pH level may cause rash and irritation in babies. "Smile Baby Wipe" has a perfectly balanced pH level and is enriched with aloe vera, which helps to restore babies' skin to its natural and healthy stage.