Multiple Micronutrient Supplements

Multiple Micronutrient Supplements (MMS) is a nutritional supplement for use during pregnancy based on United Nations International Multiple Micronutrient Antenatal Preparation (UNIMMAP) formulation following WHO specification. It contains 15 micronutrients including iron and folic acid at dosages that approximate the recommended dietary allowances for pregnancy.


SMC's FullCare is a UNIMMAP Multiple Micronutrient Supplements (MMS) tablet required during pregnancy due to the increased nutritional need of a mother and the growing foetus, even if the mother has access to a sufficient diet. It aids healthy functioning of her body and helps to avoid her baby from being born with low birth weight, too soon and too small, as well as other long-term implications on the health of the child. Moreover, FullCare prevents anemia, a condition when the body does not produce enough red blood cells. It contains 15 of essential vitamins and minerals and is like an insurance against any potential deficiencies in your daily diet. It is the first-ever product in the Bangladeshi market that has been clinically proven to reduce low birth weight babies and prevent babies from being born too soon or too small.

Starting from conception, the first 1,000 days of your baby's life are critical from the point of view of nutrition. FullCare is required when your diet is not sufficient to provide you with the daily nutrient intake especially when you are pregnant. It aids healthy functioning of your body and helps to avoid your baby from being born with low birth weight, too soon and too small, as well as other long-term implications on the health of the child. Moreover, FullCare prevents anemia, a condition when your body does not make enough red blood cells.

The recommend dose of FullCare is 1 Tablet per day after a meal with same interval for a minimum of six months (180 days).


Yes, FullCare is absolutely safe to consume, as long as it is used as recommended.

The recommended period of intake is from when you discover your pregnancy, right up to the day of delivery OR as recommended by the physicians.

Possible side effects that have been reported are nausea, constipation or diarrhoea. These are not harmful and taking the supplement after a meal makes these go away. One should continue supplementation.

MMS is superior to IFA alone in supporting a positive pregnancy and a healthy infant. The MMS can improve birth outcomes significantly by reducing the risk of LBW (12%), being born small-for-gestational age (SGA) at 8%, and preterm births (4). Recent evidence shows that the provision of MMS for women starting early in pregnancy provides clear benefits for both women and their unborn and newborn infants, beyond IFA supplementation alone. The 2017 Lancet meta-analysis established that MMS significantly reduces the risk of following health outcomes:

• Reduces the risk of babies being born with a low birth weight
• Reduces the risk of small-for-gestational age births
• Reduces preterm birth
• Reduces the risk of neonatal mortality
• Has greater positive impact on birth outcomes of undernourished and anemic pregnant women


Yes, please continue Calcium supplementation as FullCare does not contain calcium. But please do not take both the tablets at the same time. We would recommend you to take FullCare after breakfast and Calcium after lunch or dinner.

No, in case of missing a day, you can continue supplementation as usual do not take more than 1 tablet a day.

Not a problem, you can start with the recommended dosage whenever you do. But to get the maximum benefits it is suggested to start just after confirmation of pregnancy.

Yes, you can continue the recommended dosage from the next day onwards. It would also help to keep a record of how many tablets you have already taken, using a calendar or notebook and also practicing to take the tablet regularly at the same time.


Yes, you can switch to FullCare completely and start the recommended dosage as specified. FullCare contains iron and folic acid, in addition to 13 other vitamins and minerals.

If you suffer from anemia and feel tired and have low energy, FullCare will improve these symptoms in the course of a few weeks.

Yes, however, it would be good to consult with your gynecologist/obstetrician before starting, if that makes you feel better.