About SMC

Social Marketing Company (SMC), Bangladesh is one of the largest and most successful private sector social marketing organizations in family planning and child health globally. It was set up as the Family Planning Social Marketing Project in 1974 under a tripartite agreement between the Government of Bangladesh, Population Services International (PSI), a US-based INGO, and USAID. In 1990, SMC became a non-profit Private Limited Company governed by a voluntary Board of Directors. In 2012, SMC achieved full financial sustainability of self-financed operations. According to the USAID-funded K4Health website, SMC is the third biggest contraceptive social marketing program globally.

In 2014 SMC Enterprise was formed as a wholly-owned for-profit subsidiary of the company. It was launched to separate for-profit manufacturing and trading operations from SMC non-profit to be able to effectively manage a diversifying and complex operation. SMC Program operations under SMC Holding company focuses on influencing behavior of beneficiaries and expanding health network as well as building capacity of health service providers.

Contribution to National Program

SMC works closely with both the Directorate General of Family Planning (DGFP) and the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) as an inevitable partner in the national health and FP programs.

According to 2011 Bangladesh Demographic and Health Survey (BDHS), 1 in every 3 family planning users rely on SMC brands for their contraceptive needs and 60% of all ORS users use SMC branded ORSaline-N.

Over the years SMC operations have made a significant contribution towards achievement of MDG 4 and 5 goals in Bangladesh.

According to PSI Impact Calculator, SMC operations since inception have averted -
- 16 M unintended pregnancies
- 1.2 M under 5 mortality
- 106.3 M DALYs (life years lost due to disease and disability)


1974: SMC began as Family Planning Social Marketing Project (FPSMP) started by Population Services International (PSI) under an agreement with GOB and USAID

1975: USAID-donated Raja condom and Maya contraceptive pill introduced through private sector outlets

1985: SMC branded ORS ‘ORSaline’ launched

1990: FPSMP became Social Marketing Company (SMC) and was incorporated as a private not-for-profit company under the Companies’ Act of 1913 with a voluntary Board of Directors

1997: SMC became a direct recipient of USAID funds following departure of PSI

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