About SMC

Social Marketing Company or SMC as it is commonly known is a nonprofit private limited company registered under the company’s act of 1913. SMC was established in 1974 as the Family Planning Social Marketing Project under a tripartite agreement between the Government of Bangladesh, Population Services International (PSI) - a US based NGO, and USAID. In 1990 SMC became the Social Marketing Company with a voluntary Board of Directors. SMC today is one of the largest and most successful private sector Social Marketing program in family planning and child health globally. It enjoys excellent goodwill among its stakeholders, policy makers and beneficiaries. SMC is a major contributor to the Bangladesh national family planning program providing contraceptives to more than one third of all users. It pioneered the large scale use of life saving ORS in the country and operates one of the largest private sector ORS manufacturing facilities in the world. SMC’s business operations are fully sustainable and along with donor funds contribute in the implementation of a number of program initiatives designed to enhance social good. SMC is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. The company headquarter is located in Dhaka, Bangladesh.


1975: Raja condom and Maya pill launched through private sector outlets at heavily subsidized prices. Commodities donated by USAID

1985: Branded ORS, “ORSaline” introduced through contract manufacturing

1990: Incorporated as a private not for profit company under the Companies Act of 1913 with a volunteer Board of Directors

1995: Launched STD/HIV/AIDS prevention program with USAID funding

1997: Became a direct recipient of USAID funds under the National Integrated Population and Health Program with the departure of PSI

1998: Initiated the SMC Blue Star, the largest private sector network of branded providers to market contraceptive injectables

2000: “SMC Tower”, building inaugurated

2004: ORS manufacturing facility started production

2007: Launched Monimix micronutrient powder to address iron deficiency anemia among children

2008: Launched Safe Delivery Kit to minimize risk of infection during home deliveries

2008: Launched social marketing of dispersible ZINC tablets

2008: Inaugurated the SMC Central Warehouse

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Being encouraged by the Company Chairman Mr. Muhammed Ali and board directors, the CSR Committee of SMC has been working to make positive contributions to the wider community and environment in which it operates. In the context of diminishing trees and forests in the country, it has taken a tree…_more
SMC recently arranged two experience sharing meetings in Comilla and Khulna for doctors who are offering Long Acting Reversible Contraceptive (LARC) method under the USAID funded Marketing Innovation for Health (MIH) Programme. Discussions in open floor revolved around myths and misconceptions about LARC among clients followed by possible way out…_more